Housing solar panel installation case

Housing solar panel installation case  

In order to fulfill China's commitment to the world in energy conservation and emission reduction, strengthen policy support for the new energy economy strategy, and accelerate the application of solar photovoltaic technology in urban and rural buildings, relevant ministries and commissions of the State have launched the Solar Roof Program.  

The solar Roof program focuses on breaking through and solving the problems of insufficient integrated design ability of photoelectric architecture, low degree of combination of photoelectric products and architecture, difficulties in connecting photoelectric to the grid, and low market awareness.  

The solar roof program comprehensively considers economic and social benefits and other factors, and actively promotes the integration demonstration of solar roof, photovoltaic curtain wall and other photoelectric buildings in large and medium-sized cities with developed economy and good industrial foundation at the present stage.  We will actively support the development of off-grid power generation in rural and remote areas, provide electricity to rural areas, and implement state policies to benefit the people.  

Through demonstration projects, the Solar Roof Project will mobilize the initiative of all sectors of society and promote the implementation of relevant national policies.  Strengthen demonstration project publicity, expand influence, enhance market awareness, and form a good social atmosphere for the development of solar photovoltaic products;  We will promote the implementation of policies such as sharing electricity prices online to form synergy and amplify the effects of these policies.  

Portable electronic solar panel symbol a number of national certification standards, more than 150 patent certificates, using the latest new energy technology, successfully create housing solar panel installation projects.  

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